Middle East Social Media Festival

Coming Soon To Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

In 2023, the main theme will be focusing on: Influence of Marketing




Riyadh – Saudi Arabi






6th Edition



The “Middle East Social Media Festival®” – MESMF is a vibrant hybrid social media marketing event that merges social media experts, business people & senior university students with the aim of providing ‘higher’ level of content and dialogue-based around social media for business, along with rewarding individuals and companies who are making great strides in the realm of social media marketing, through the Middle East Social Media Award®
MESMF mission is to create value, bring people together, and make a difference.



The “Middle East Social Media Award®” – MESMA is an award dedicated to recognize social media excellence in the Middle East.
MESMA was launched in 2017, since then several public figures, politicians, CEOs, and remarkable brands had won this award, similar to but not limited to: Politicians: Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri ;
Public Figures: Elissa, Nancy Ajram, Pierre Rabbat; Brands: Alfa Telecommunications, Blom Bank, Crepaway & many others.



Joe Ghantous, Founder of MESMF & MESMA, Welcoming Speech at the Middle East Social Media Festival 2019

Middle East Social Media Award