• LinkedIn Disruptive Technology (LinkedIn: Present & Future)
  • The Power of LinkedIn Data for Hiring, Sales & Marketing

Speaker:  Marwan Zeineddine 

Biography: Marwan is leading the Key Accounts and Emerging Markets territories at LinkedIn MENA (LTS). By connecting the world's professionals with the right opportunities, by helping companies shine a spotlight on what makes them special, and by helping them to attract the best talent, we at LinkedIn are fundamentally changing the world.

With over 18 years of experience in technology and internet industries, Marwan followed a deliberately diverse career path that spans software development, project management, outsourcing services, consultancy, & sales. Prior to LinkedIn, heheld senior roles at SAP and BSH (ADP partner). He holds a computer science degree from American University of Beirut.


  • How can Lebanon's “bureau of cybercrime combatting and Intellectual property protection” protect businesses and individuals from risks on Internet and social media? 

Speaker:  Major Albert El Khoury

Biography: Albert El Khoury is the Head of bureau of cybercrime combatting and Intellectual property protection.
He holds 2 Masters of Science: one in Maths-Statistics and one in Informatics alongside a Diploma of Advanced Studies in Modeling and numerical simulation–Scientific programs Engineering. To reach this position, Albert had attended several CyberCrime & Intelligent Solutions Training in Lebanon and abroad: CYBERCRIME (Framework – Regulations - Technology)- Italy |
Using Special Investigations Techniques in Terrorist Crimes – Lebanon| Intelligence Support Systems’ for Law Enforcements Agents, Interior Security & Intelligence Analysts - Czeck Republic | Successful Use of Online Social Networking For CyberCrime Investigations – USA| Familiarization program on INTERPOL Databases, Tools & Services’ – France | Cybercrime for Terrorism – Germany.
Also Albert attended courses and got the certificates: information Security(HISP), Ethical Hacking, IT Forensic Investigator, Certified curityAnalyst and many others.


  • Video Marketing Trends to Revolutionize Your Marketing Plan for 2018 

Speaker:  Toni Oyry

Biography: Toni Oyry (MA) is a Director and Producer with background in Global TV Networks, TVC’s and Emmy Award® winning Web Series. He teaches Broadcast (TV) and Multimedia Journalism as well as Digital Media at the American University of Beirut – AUB, where he has developed and implemented the Digital Media Labs for the Media Studies Program. 


  • The Evolving Role of Social Media in Ecommerce  

Speaker:  Charbel Kahaleh 

Biography: Charbel is a speaker, trainer, and consultant in Digital Media and Marketing. Since early 2004 Charbel has been working with major corporations in Beirut, Paris and London to help them develop digital media departments, plan communication strategies; handle digital media channels to tackle a wider audience, and mainly to integrate digital marketing to their core business. 

Charbel managed to expand exposure and achieve increasingly higher sales for clients such as Orange Telecom, Renault, Peugeot in Paris but also Kurban Travel, M.Media, Vertical Media Service, and others in Beirut. He has also developed and delivered workshops and training sessions on digital media, shared his extensive knowledge on the topic as a speaker at DGTLU Web Conference 2012, the USJ Master Marketing des Services 2014, Product of the Year 2015 and other corporate events. Currently coaching Digital Marketing at Smart ESA, the incubator program of ESA Business School, helping entrepreneurs moving forward with their businesses and Managing PPG, a 360 digital Agency.


  •  How To Protect Your Reputation On Social Media (Manage Social Media Risks) 

Speaker: Omar Itani

Biography:  Dr. Itani is an Assistant Professor of Marketing at the Lebanese American University. He teaches digital and social media marketing. His research lies in the areas of digital and social media marketing, relationship marketing, and professional selling. In his recent work, he has studied how social media helps sales organizations collect competitive intelligence and achieve higher sales. In his other research, he has examined the role of social media in relationship management — social CRM. Dr. Itani is a member of the Beta Gamma Sigma Honors Society and a Fellow of the American Marketing Association – Sheth Foundation Doctoral Consortium.


  • Effectiveness of Online Advertising – Statistics to Guide You to Success in 2018  

Speaker:  Elie Aoun

Biography: Elie is the CEO of Ipsos connect MENA , a multinational marketing research company, considered to be a pioneer in the field of marketing research, founded in 1975 and operating in the Middle East and Africa region since 1988. He commenced his career in Beirut, Lebanon, thriving in the world of PR and Advertising and generating much success for the Ipsos Group. One of his many achievements has been his contribution to the expansion of Ipsos into the Middle East and Africa region. 


  •  Content Marketing Trends For Your 2018 Strategy   

Speaker:  Lama Naimi

Biography:  Lama holds a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from the Lebanese University, and comes to us with more than 10 years of experience, 7 of which in digital media, social media, and digital strategy. She has experience in the following industries: automotive, airlines, banking, real estate, tech, ecommerce, retail, beauty, and FMCG. She is a huge believer in the power of data and research, and has participated in several public panels on the same. Lama currently serves as Digital Lead for Spark Foundry (Publicis Groupe) Levant.  


  • The Future Of Social Media & How Brands Can Prepare For It  

Speaker:  Jimmy Ghazal

Biography:  Jimmy Ghazal is the Founder of “MindLab”; a creative, business and innovation based consultancy. With over 18 years of experience, Jimmy has worked on several iconic local, regional, and international projects ranging from F&B, Fashion, Tourism, Banking, Telecom, Media, Religious, Governmental and Political. During his early days, Jimmy Ghazal joined “Quantum Group,” one of the leading communications groups in the MENA region, that is made up of several companies from the various industry disciplines. His journey in the group started at “BrandCentral” as a Corporate Identity and Arabic Typography Specialist. He later moved to the advertising arena with “Saatchi & Saatchi,” now “M&C Saatchi MENA,” where he headed the digital and multimedia division and helped lead the agency into the digital age. Jimmy is also an Instructor in Media Studies at the “American University of Beirut” (AUB), The “Lebanese American University” (LAU), a mentor in the Lebanon tech startup ecosystem, a public speaker, and tech/innovation blogger “Techie Dad” . 


  •  Combining Social Media with Traditional Media  

Speaker:  Reine Bou Moussa

Biography:   Reine is specialized in digital media. She is responsible for social media platforms, working on Annahar's social networking strategies and working on the content of health, fashion, science, technology, cooking, etc. She holds a masters in communication at the french university of Toulon and the antonine university in Baabda. She participated in training courses on digital journalism and new media. 


  • How to Use Instagram Stories for Higher Brand Awareness?  

Speaker:  Sam Trabulsi

Biography:  Entrepreneur, trainer and a Sales & Marketing expert, Sam works with hundreds of businesses to provide them with the best solutions to optimize their business processes and increase their profitability via viral online content and effective offline strategies. He has earned full scholarships and has completed, with honors, a Ph.D in science while finalizing an international MBA in Sales & Marketing of new products from France in 2011.

Sam has successfully established a sustainable connection with hundreds of thousands of Lebanese on daily basis. Along with his team, he works hard to provide positive value to the society by uniting people with a smile away from negativity. His vision is to end unemployment in Lebanon using the power of digital technologies. After winning the 2013 social media awards in Beirut for best Facebook page and Best NGO community on Lebanese Social Media; He has founded many companies to help create jobs, Lebanese Memes Solutions (Lebanon), Trabulsi Consulting (USA) and Digital Phoenix (Australia).



  • Emotional Intelligence Is The Most Vital Ingredient To Great Social Media Marketing Campaigns  

Speaker:  Roula Nahas

Biography:  Roula is a Brand Communication Strategist. After spending a decade working in PR & Marketing for International & Local companies, Nahas knows what truly drives conversations, translates ideas into action plans that speaks to the target audience & expresses the brand equity - and it's not mastering the marketing flavor of the year. It's how well you connect with your audience, clients or consumers & communicate your understanding & message back to them.

Nahas holds an EMBA from ESA Business School. Naturally Positive, she tries to communicate her Passion for Life through her social media presence.


  • How To Become A Social Media Influencer?  

Speaker:  Taleb Kabbara

Biography: Taleb is marketing instructor at the American University of Science and Technology (AUST) and Azm University. He is well known as a passionate and dynamic facilitator, he has trained and advised many companies, agencies, entrepreneurs, Startups and professionals. In addition to teaching Marketing courses (Integrated, Digital, Social) at the American University of Science and Technology (Sidon and Achrafieh) and Azm University (Tripoli), Taleb has more than 14 years of working experience in Engineering, Healthcare, Education, Advertising, and Consulting. Known as a passionate and dynamic facilitator, he has trained and advised many companies, agencies, entrepreneurs, Startups and professionals in Lebanon, UAE, Qatar, Syria, and KSA. Taleb was the Senior Community Manager at Leo Burnett Dubai in UAE, handling one of the top global brands’ social media, McDonald’s in the GCC region (Jordan, UAE, KSA, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait). He is an active listener and thought provoker who changed the life of many people around him; the basic message he shares with stakeholders is “Marketing First, Digital Second.”


  • Medicine In Social Media: A Doctor's Vision  

Speaker:   Homere Al Moutran  

Biography: Homere is a physician entrepreneur, Otolaryngologist – Facial Plastic surgeon in New York City . Carrying exposure to fundamentally different Healthcare systems in Lebanon, Europe and the US, Dr Al Moutran is a strong advocate for involving doctors in the tech revolution. He founded and partnered in med-tech startups, along with consulting for multinational corporations. He recently authored a popular article about how doctors  can live with their rival: Dr Google.  At MESMF-18, Dr Homere will be talking about Doctors’ common approach  to social media, it’s future potential for Healthcare, and the caveats to the Medical profession.


  • The Use of Social Media as a Platform for Dialogue   

Speaker:  Cosette Maiky

Biography: Cosette is the KAICIID (King Abdullah bin Abdul-Aziz International Centre for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue) field expert for the Arab Countries and is stationed in Beirut, Lebanon. She is currently running KAICIID’s project “Social Media as a Space for Dialogue”. Three years after its launch, the capacity building project has benefited up to 400 participants in 11 Arab Countries. 

Her professional experience consists of 12 years of hands-on work in conflict and post-conflict governance in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Egypt, Georgia, India, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Palestine, Philippines, Sudan, Syria, Tunisia, Ukraine and Yemen. She holds a PhD in Social Sciences, and a Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies in clinical psychology in addition to an Executive Master of Education in Psychosocial Intervention in War-Torn Societies.


  • The Future of Social Media for Nonprofits 

Speaker:  Ziad Akl

Biography: Ziad is lawyer, who founded after the death of his friend in a traffic crash in 1994, and many NGOs Promoting Lebanon, Public health, Road safety, Injury Prevention and Good Governance. He lead the efforts of theses NGOs on social media and was successful in improving their performance through active and sustainable interaction with millions of people through major social media platforms. 

PHD in health sciences and Holder of many master degrees in each of the following subjects: Comparative Law • Diplomacy • Health sciences • International Law • International Relations • Lebanese Law • Political Science • Public Administration • Safety Promotion

Milad Hadchiti is the official host of the "Middle East Social Media Festival" 2018 

He will also share with MESMF attendees his perspective on how to take social networks to your advantage and promote a positive self-image.

Biography: Milad Hadchiti is people-oriented and has a passion for human potential. Through his 20 years of work as a radio and TV host, Milad has developed a profound interest in the fields of Positive Psychology, coaching psychology and self-development.

He is the founder of HUMANSHIP, a nonprofit organization and a resource network for positive psychology in Lebanon, and NEC PLUS ULTRA, a self-development firm which serves to spread positivity by engaging in specialized training. As a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker, Milad energizes and motivates his audience to think differently. Through humorous stories, refreshing insight, and latest techniques, he inspires people to make a positive change in their lives.


  • Social Media Marketing in 2018

Speaker:   Joe Ghantous 

Biography: Joe Ghantous is a Lebanese businessman and entrepreneur. He is best known as the founder of “Right Service®” and the “Middle East Social Media Festival and Award®”. 

Joe graduated in Law and Business Administration with class honor. He offers over 10 years of social media speaking and consulting services to B2C and B2B businesses. Joe holds a digital marketing certificate from ESA - Business Schools and has been certified, in the Middle East, as a digital marketing expert and keynote speaker from Hootsuite University, Facebook and Google

And Many Other Topics & Speakers ...

MESMF 2018 Add-On Workshop :


  •  Advertising On Social Media 2018 Strategies & Trends  

Speaker:  Katia Raya Ramy

Biography: Katia Raya Ramy is a University Teacher and Social Media Manager at USJ (Université-Saint Joseph de Beyrouth). She is a doctoral candidate of Social Media at Paris-Sorbonne University and ESIB - USJ.

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