Middle East Social Media Award (MESMA)

The MESMA is an award dedicated to recognize social media excellence in the Middle East.
It rewards individuals & brands in various categories from the country the “Middle East Social Media Festival” is held in, who are using social media for business in fresh and innovative ways.


The nominees are determined by the”MESMA Nominating Board” , from those you submitted the “MESMA Nomination Form”, based on their effective social media presence in the previous year.


Rewarding social media influencer for their pioneering presence & activity online.

Appreciation of the best brand that validates an innovative use of social media in the previous year.

Recognition for the best Startup on social media. 

Rewarding Public Figure with exceptional social media presence. 

An award to highlight on the best use of social media networks by a non governmental organization. 

Rewarding passionate and remarkable bloggers.

Shedding the light on an exceptional social media use by a celebrity.

Recognizing the best hotel/restaurant for its exceptional social media presence. 

Rewarding the best social media use for all forms of entertainment.