The MESMA is an award dedicated to recognize social media excellence in  the Middle East. 

It rewards individuals & brands in various  categories from the country the "Middle East Social Media Festival" is  held in, who are using social media for business in fresh and innovative  ways.


The nominees are determined by the”MESMA Nominating Board” , from those you submitted the “MESMA Nomination Form”, based on their effective social media presence in the previous year. 


  • Trophy: Winners will receive MESMA trophy on MESMF stage in the presence of hundreds of attendees mainly media representatives, social media influencers and business people.
  • Digital Badge: MESMA digital badge will be sent to all winners to share this recognition on their online presence.
  • Award Winners Panel Discussion: MESMA winners will get the opportunity to participate in a 45 minutes debate panel on MESMF stage sharing the secret sauce of their social media excellence. 

  • Winners’ Dinner: MESMA winners will be invited to exclusive Winners’ Dinner where conversations can be deepened and valuable contacts made.
  • Newsletter: A special edition of MESMF printed & e-newsletter will be featuring MESMA winners after the event targeting hundreds of business people, marketers, journalists, social media experts & influencers in the country the MESMF is held in. 

In addition to all the above, MESMA winners will benefit from a wide online exposure through sharing the results on event, sponsors & media partners' online presence helping to promote them and showcase their expertise.


Best Social Media Influencer

Rewarding social media influencers for their pioneering presence & activity online.  

Best Brand Of The Year

 Appreciation of the best brand that validates an innovative use of social media in the previous year.    

Best Public Figure

Rewarding Public Figures with exceptional social media presence. 

Best Politician

Recognition for the best politician on social media. 


Best Social Media Blogger

Rewarding  passionate and remarkable bloggers.


Best In Financial Services

An award given for the best financial institute for their social media successful and effective activities. 


Best In Hospitality

Recognizing the best hotel/restaurant for its exceptional social media presence. 


Best Celebrity

Shedding the light on an exceptional social media use by a celebrity.


Best in Entertainment

Rewarding the best social media use for all forms of entertainment.


Best NGO

An award to highlight on the best use of social media networks by a non governmental organization. 


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MESMA Winners Feedback

Adel Karam , Actor & TV Host

MESMA 2018 Winner as "Best Public Figure" on social media.

Sam Trabulsi, Founder of Lebanese Memes Solutions

MESMA 2018 Winner as "Best Social Media Influencer"

Anis Tabet , Blogger behind "Let's Talk About Movies" blog

MESMA 2018 Winner as "Best Social Media Blogger.

Rony Abou Saab, Founder of "Sandwich W Noss"

MESMA 2018 Winner as "Best in Hospitality" on social media


  • Online Voting: Ipsos MENA (one of  the leading statistics company in the Middle East) will be responsible for sending a questionnaire targeting 2,000 marketers and social media experts asking them to vote for MESMA finalists (from the lists of nominees) in each category .
  •  Judges Voting:  The judges that make up MESMA Jury are university doctors with business  degree (well knowledgeable and experienced in marketing and social  media). They were selected from notable universities since they don’t  carry any intention or have any benefit in  preferring any MESMA nominee  over another. The  judging process is known for its diplomatic approach  to recognizing creative excellence. All judges have an equal say in  decisions, and the majority vote rules.
  • Campaigning: Nominees are welcome to campaign and spread the word about their nomination among their network. 


Individuals & Brands willing to be nominated for one or more of MESMA categories, shall :

STEP ONE: Fill the below requested registration form

STEP TWO: Get the confirmation* of the MESMA Nomination Board

*Filling the form does not guarantee a nomination

STEP THREE: Submit the entry fees*

*Entry fees: $500 per nominee

Middle East Social Media Festival

MESMA 2019 Nomination Form

Next Step:

Submit your entry fees: $500/nomination